Shannon Rohring rides into her junior year


Shannon Rohring

Junior Shannon Rohring and her horse Hallie have a bond. Shannon competes on a regular basis while also balancing speech and debate and academics.

Shannon Rohring, a junior at Carlsbad High, is a singer, piano player, Speech and Debate member and Best Buddies member, but her true passion lies in horseback riding.

“I started when I was really young I took some lessons with my neighbors,” Rohring said. “It grew into a passion of mine, and I pursued it. I would describe riding as something pretty surreal. It’s really fun and hard. People don’t really credit it as a sport, but it’s difficult to do correctly.”

Accompanied by her quarter horse, Hallie, Rohring can be found traveling across the nation to compete in horseback riding competitions.

“I practice twice a week, and I compete once or twice a month,” Rohring said. “The competitions are four days long each, and they are national competitions. The furthest I’ve traveled is Oklahoma; I went there over the summer for the world champion show. Everyone qualifies to get there, so it’s the best of the best.”

Rohring competes in Western Pleasure events, which focus on the horse and rider’s communication and technique.

“I love her and take care of her,” Rohring said.“My horse is my pet, and she’s like my best friend.”

Rohring’s schedule is filled to the brim with academics and extracurricular activities, but she manages to make the best of the situation.

“Especially since it’s my junior year, I have a heavy academic load,” Rohring said. “It’s hard to balance school and horse shows, because the shows are four days long, starting on Thursdays. But, I’ve been trying to balance the two and get ahead on my school work.”

Rohring’s most recent competition was on Sept. 22 at the Del Mar Horse Park, where she placed fourth. Although winter is the off season for Rohring, she is preparing for an upcoming competition in Arizona at the moment.

“I enjoy horseback riding,” Rohring said. “Even though I compete at a really high level and it does get stressful, it really is a stress reliever.  And the bond you form with an animal is indescribable. You can communicate without words.”