Choir fundraiser is a hole-in-one


Lexi Spikerman

Mr. Bullock leads his choir students in vocal warm ups during first period. Students will host a fundraiser on Sept. 27 to help raise funds for a trip to a Disney performance.

It’s Friday night. You’re sitting in your La Costa home, and all of a sudden, hundreds of golf balls fall from the sky. Shock fills your every vein. The weather reporter sure did not forecast cloudy with a chance of golf balls.

Is it aliens? No, it’s the helicopter ball drop contest hosted by the Carlsbad High’s choral department. This year, it decided to spice things up at its benefit fundraiser. On Friday, Sept. 27, the Crossings Golf Course in La Costa will offer various opportunities to support the CHS choral department.

In addition to a Putting Contest, Hole-in-One and Closest-to-Pin contest, people have the chance to enter a golf ball into the Helicopter Ball Drop contest for only $20, with the possibility of winning $5000 if their ball lands in the hole.

“Come support choir, so we can succeed in our shows and perform at Disneyland and other competitions,” junior Grady McDermott said.

Not only does the fundraiser money go towards the choral department’s sets and costumes, it is also very important for choir because if they make enough money they will be able to participate in a prestigious performance at Disneyland.

“We will be using fundraiser money to enter a Disney Candlelight performance,” choir teacher Mr. Bullock said. “Many celebrities are a part of it, and people involved in Disney, too. So it’s helpful way for us to participate in this event and a great experience for the students.”

Students are very excited about their chance to raise money for their passion and would be very happy if people came out to encourage choir. This also allows them to express their passion for choir and share their talents, as every choir will be performing through-out the event.

“It would mean so much to me if people came out of this event, because I can get more chances to perform for other people,” freshman Caitlin Mcarthy said. “That really makes me happy and hopefully it will make other people happy, too.”