When in doubt, cover it up


It’s been searing hot lately, but despite the unseasonable weather, the dress code still pertains to all students. Many students have resorted to wearing more suitable clothes for the current weather conditions, and as much as it would be a convenience to dress to one’s preference, students must abide by the school’s dress code policies.

“I understand with the weather that students are going to dress so that they are comfortable for school,” Vice Principal Julie Redfield said. “However, we still have to abide by the dress code. There are certainly clothes out there that can be worn and students need to choose the right choices and still abide by the dress code.”

By enforcing the dress code, teachers and staff are working towards making the school feel like a professional learning environment without any distractions and need students to dress for success.

“It’s not about writing them up– it’s about coming to school appropriately,” math teacher Mr. Glazer said. “The school is a more professional environment, so you got to at least be casually dressed and not drawn away from learning. We shouldn’t be advertising [inappropriate] companies or [activities].”

Although there seems to be fewer offenses concerning advertising companies, such as wearing inappropriate t-shirts and hats, this guideline does affect some of the male student population.

“I think how they’re enforcing is okay,” junior Nick Boland said. “I think that not many people are doing it.  They feel like it’s not school appropriate and if they are trying to learn, they shouldn’t be wearing inappropriate stuff.”

Usually when talking about dress codes, girls are often more affected.  Junior Kayle Nellis has noticed a change in dress code over the last three years and feels like the enforcement is too tough sometimes.

“I think it’s too harsh sometimes, because I see people who get dress coded for things that look completely appropriately for school,” Nellis said. “I think more girls dress to fit the dress code to avoid the whole hassle of having to change clothes.”