Is Pokémon making a comeback?


Tyler White

A carlsbad student plays Pokemon against his opponent.

On a warm Friday in 1996, kids sat bored to death in their last classes. Each second that passed on the clock was carefully observed, no one made a single peep. They sat there motionless, carefully breathing as the clock ticked closer and closer to the end of the school day.

The restless children can’t help but think of how awesome it will be when they race home and grab their Game Boys. They were excited to play that little red game stuck in their game system, and that game was Pokémon.

More recently, it appears as though Pokémon might be making a comeback including veteran players as well as new ones.

“I know from growing up in the generation of Pokémon’s origins, it was wildly popular when I was a child. Almost everyone had their own Pokémon game,” college student David Patterson said. “Although it’s a matter of perspective, I do believe it is regaining its popularity.”

Although it is a popular game, some believe that nothing has really changed with the popularity of Pokémon.

“No, it retains the same level of popularity and with the same people as previous. Pokémon making a comeback implies it either died or is becoming more popular today, which isn’t accurate,” senior Jeffery Lee said.

Another point that could suggest the games supposed rising popularity is the upcoming release of the new additions to the series, Pokemon X and Y. These games will add a nostalgia factor to all of those who were there from day one, because it features the starter Pokemon from the first games. It also has added many new characters, which allows newcomers to taste the full extent of the universe.

“The preorders for the new Pokémon are skyrocketing. It’s pretty nostalgic if you grew up watching the show,” senior Colton Breyer said.

Upon its announcement, X and Y blasted ahead with 26,000 preorders in the first two days. This quickly passed the most recent addition to the Call of Duty franchise, “Call of Duty: Ghosts.”

“Pokémon created a universe that we could do anything in. Everything was possible, and it was a way for us to experience a world that we would have otherwise never experienced,” Patterson said. “I’m glad that we all have a chance to experience it again.”