Lincoln: Worth the trip to the theater and the past

Lincoln: Worth the trip to the theater and the past

Award-winning director Steven Spielberg, director of Jaws, E.T., Schindler’s list, War Horse, and many others, marks yet another success with his new movie, Lincoln. In Lincoln, actor Daniel Day-Lewis portrays the 16th President of the United States. The story begins with African-American soldiers reciting parts of the Gettysburg Address back to Lincoln, thanking him as they fight for their freedom. Many of Lincoln’s powerful speeches were used throughout the movie.

In the film, Lincoln struggles to persuade the congress to pass the 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery. However, for political purposes, he must get the amendment passed before the civil war ends. With so many lives being lost in the war, President Lincoln knows that he has to get the amendment passed as soon as possible. While trying to help the struggling country, Lincoln also tries to keep his family life together, as his young son craves for his attention and his eldest son tries to become a soldier.

With a brilliant performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, this Lincoln is believable and honorable. Actress Sally Field also does an excellent job of depicting Mary Todd Lincoln and her caring, yet unpredictable, behavior. Other prominent actors include Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hal Holbrook. From the surface, Lincoln may only seem like a history lesson, but it shows the complexities in the many struggles faced during Lincoln’s reign as President.

A new venture for Spielberg, this is a film with more dialogue than action. However, the witty, courageous and inspiring characters keep the viewers entertained. With the congress floor and private drawing rooms serving as the battlefields, words are incorporated more thangun shots and cannon fire. There are many verbal debates between the members of congress, personal conflicts between Lincoln and his family and humorous scenes with various characters.

Tension is building throughout the entire movie, and although the audience knows the outcome, the admirable filming leaves viewers on the edge of their seats as the final vote for the amendment is counted. Likewise, viewers clench their fists as President Lincoln infamously journeys to the theater.

With moving speeches, heated debates and a splash of humor, Lincoln is a film that you will not want to miss. Whether you are a history enthusiast or not the film proves to be a moving and entertaining film that reminds us why we celebrate Lincoln as one of our founding fathers, and will surely be remembered for years to come.