Kaitlin Ferguson

Josh Davis #7: Receiver and Safety

Josh Davis, is a varsity football receiver and safety this season. Playing all four years at Carlsbad, he looks forward to what the playoffs have to offer.

While being on the team Davis has faced and overcome many challenges on the road to success. Looking back on what changed the most this year, he shares what it means to be a captain.

 “I would say the transition from junior to senior year was the biggest,” Davis said. “Knowing that we have to be leaders as seniors, the leadership aspect as a senior is being able to coach up the younger guys.” 

As a captain, Davis’s responsibilities include pushing the team and supporting the players.

“That’s one of the things our coaches preach all the time, just to take it one week at a time and to never get complacent,” Davis said. “We have to do a good job managing success and keep going harder every week.”

Looking back on his high school years, Davis gives some advice to future athletes.

“I would say just give one hundred percent with everything you do,” Davis said. “Even if something seems not as important as other things, it is important to just do your best.”

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