Kaitlin Ferguson

Anthony Ferrelli #22: Linebacker and Running back

Anthony Ferrelli is a varsity football linebacker and running back. This year is his fourth year playing for Carlsbad and was allowed to hold a leadership role on the team. 

Pushing to play in college he shares some of the challenges he has faced while playing for the high school. 

“My greatest challenge has been overcoming circumstances that might not have been in my favor,” Ferrelli said. “I didn’t start my freshman year, I was a backup, and now as a senior I have overcome the initial challenges.”

As a captain, one of Ferrelli’s responsibilities is to lead and push his teammates during the season. 

“The key that we have on the team is that we all hold each other accountable well,” Ferrelli said. “I try to do my part day in and day out, and I try to lead by example.”

Looking back on his high school years, Ferrelli gave some advice for future athletes, while sharing what he overcame while being a student-athlete. 

“The biggest piece of advice is if you want something you can do it, it comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice,” Ferrelli said. “Whether it be time for friends, relationships, or family whatever it may be, the more you give up, the more you are going to get.”

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