Andie Tanner: Woodshop Teacher

Mr. Tanner is the teacher of the CHS Woodshop class, which is a uniquely hands-on subject. He started teaching here this year. Before he worked as a woodshop teacher, he was a welding teacher.

LL: “Why did you decide to become a woodshop teacher?”

AT: “I felt there was a need for students to be taught how to work with their hands, and woodshop fits that role. Before this I was a welding teacher, and it was kind of a natural chance to work with both mediums.”

LL: “What are your favorite things about teaching woodshop?”

AT: “The hands-on aspect, and then seeing the end results of [when] a student builds something and they get to see they get the reward at the end of the tunnel.”

LL: “How long have you been teaching in general?”

AT: “This is my sixth year of teaching.”

LL: “How do you feel about your time at CHS so far?”

AT: [I’m] definitely still learning, getting used to the school culture, but it’s been productive.”

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