Carlsbad high school rewarded with most spirited school and $25,000

June 8, 2018

The vibrant purple and white colors, the raging fireworks and the sea of students were gathered in the same area were to be presented the most spirited school in the nation and a $25,000 check to go with it. The student body and their effort to represent who they are have given the school an opportunity to use the money in any possible aspect so that students have the opportunity to strive in all aspects throughout the year.

Being in charge for the first time at CHS, Principal Dr. Brockett had never seen anything like it. The deafening cheers from students and the organized dances and events was a memory he would keep from this year. The students who built up a strong reputation upon themselves were to not only have fun but to inspire kids to take part of the white and purple family.

“I think it is super exciting for the school,” Dr. Brockett said. “It is a great recognition of the hard work that our students put it and is driven by ASB, but really that would not happen without the students [participating] in the great things that are happening here in the school.”

I think it is super exciting for the school. It is a great recognition of the hard work that our students put it and is driven by ASB, but really that would not happen without the students [participating] in the great things that are happening here in the school.

— Dr. Brockett

The hard work and dedication the student body has committed into to create a welcoming environment have paid off as $25,000 dollars was awarded to the school. The $25,000 would be used for projects by ASB to provide students with more opportunities to show their school spirit in the most energizing way possible.

“You know, [the money] is all ASB,” Dr. Brockett said. “That money is going to go all back to ASB for students, to be spent by students to further impact the opportunities we provide here. It is in the hands of the students who really did the hard work and really made the dedication to the school to earn that recognition.”

Having the honor to be presented this award, the school has set the expectations high for incoming freshman and competing schools to keep up with the level of excitement. ASB would have the chance to use the $25,000 reward to further innovate our school spirit to its full potential in the upcoming years so that the students could enjoy themselves and competition would instead look up to the school for student involvement.

“It sets the bar pretty high for our freshman class- our incoming freshman class and our other classmen who keep up with this tradition of excellence and this tradition of most spirited school,” assistant principal Mr. Felix said. “So we keep being the trailblazer so other schools keep looking at us to emulate what a school is supposed to act like.”

As the school year comes to a close, seniors file out and incoming students come in, wondering what the new year would be like. For the brand-new high school students and returning students, little is to expect at each event is filled with variant colors and surprising acts from dance to an orchestra. The number of surprises will have more and more students involved with the school and keep the spirit high for years to come.

“It is a sense of pride, and I think for everybody here is very very proud of this amazing achievement,” Mr. Felix said. “It is a great acknowledgment for everyone.”

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