Why everyone should bleed purple

June 6, 2018


Tosh Everett

Senior Chris Weedman flexes for the camera, as he stands in front of hundreds of students in Loud Crowd. Students were all wearing purple for the homecoming game.

High school is a big, scary and frustrating place. Being plopped into a whole new world with new people, new places and new responsibilities can be quite terrifying. The new enviornment is difficult to navigate and often leads to feelings of complete isolation. The period of time where you are trying to figure out how you fit into the fabric of your school is long and frankly nerve-racking. Yet, high school students of all ages tend to ignore the simple remedy of school spirit that combats the fears and difficulties that come along with high school.

Unfortunately, many students view school spirit as a phrase thrown around by organizations to garner more attention for events, but little do they know the term reaches much further. The amount of school spirit an individual holds often translates to improved academic performance and overall mood. In a study conducted by Varsity Brands, the organization that named CHS “The Most Spirited School in America”, it was found that parents with school spirited children reported above average academic performance 61% of the time, while parents with children lacking school spirit only reported above average performance 31% of the time. This correlation is likely due to the fact that when students feel a sense of belonging on their campus, they feel more supported in pushing themselves academically.

Aside from academics, school spirit encourages students to get involved with more school clubs and organizations. Having a sense of pride and understanding for the community at your school leads to a desire to contribute. Joining in on activities around campus opens up oppurtunities to meet new people and connect yourself to others in the future. Participation in school can allow you to uncover a new passion or make lifelong friends. Having pride and displaying improves the four years you spend in high school and even enhances the time you have after graduation.

Whether it’s fireworks over the field as “Don’t Stop Believing” plays on Homecoming night or use of actual pyrotechnics in the gym during a basketball game, Carlsbad is truly the epitome of a spirited high school. The sense of community present not only on campus but also in the city as a whole is matched by few others. Even those who choose to not participate in spirited events cannot deny the sense of “Lancer Pride” present across campus.

Although the idea of constantly displaying pride for your school can be intimidating, the sheer joy one experiences when they finally step out of their comfort zone is something matched by little else. After all, high school is only four years long and anytime spent sitting by and watching others have a blast is time wasted. So, the next time you feel the urge to bleed purple just go for it.

To view some quite impressive instances of CHS school spirit click here.

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