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Rising band makes original songs

May 4, 2018

Numerous students at Carlsbad High School have passions for music, but what makes this passion even more special is when you share it with your friends. Juniors Davin Eagleston, Benji Vandzandt and Max Pinamonti, sophomore Gibby Anderson and senior Erik Methot recently formed a band, resembling a Cage the Elephant sound and vibe, named Happy Return.

The band formed about four or five months ago, when Eagleston wanted the five to get together and do a gig for his birthday. They had all been interested in music for some time before this, but this was the first time they all played together.

“We were all friends already and we all played instruments so we [decided] it would be fun to play shows and stuff,” Pinamonti said.

Though the band enjoys covers, their originals are what they are known for. They have a few originals and many people have begun to recognize these songs and their unique style.

“Covers are fun to play but it’s nothing like making an original,” Methot said. “It means much more to you and it’s cool when you see people actually liking your music.”

The band practices as much as they can, usually every other day, but with the increase of schoolwork as students get closer to finals and the weight of extracurricular activities, the band has cut down to two or three times a week.

I surf and I skate, and I’m involved at church but when I’m at church I’m playing music so I don’t know” Anderson said. “I [also] like to make my own music.”

Another interesting thing about the band is they switch off roles. While Vandzandt only plays the drums, Pinamonti plays guitar and bass. Methot mainly plays the guitar, but will occasionally sing, Anderson plays bass and sings and Eagleston plays guitar and sings.

“I like playing the drums because it is a very unique instrument” Vandzandt said. “I got into music because my brother needed a drummer for his band.”

These five musicians all contribute to the band differently, each having their own individual sound that is apparent through their music.

“Well, before having each other, we had our own styles of music and then once we started jamming, they came together and made a specific sound and it’s more unique,” Eagleston said.

Though the band is unsure of their future, the overall purpose is to have fun and share their passion with their peers.

“Keep playing music,” Methot said. “It is super fun and I have done it forever and life without music for me would be so weird. It’s one of the things that I will literally do for my whole life. I love doing it.”

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