Maddie Ward finds a rhythm for her busy life

May 4, 2018

Usually, when people get to high school, they become preoccupied with the burden of homework and challenging classes. The high school commitment tends to take away time for people to enjoy and develop their passions. Yet, sophomore Maddie Ward manages to juggle it all, while at the same time, making a name for herself in the world of music.

Unintentionally discovering a love for a new activity happened for Maddie a couple years ago. Since then, Ward has accepted an abundance of responsibilities in high school, but her musical hobbies still persist.

“I’ve always liked singing, but then when I was in 8th grade, I just took my brother’s guitar and started secretly playing in my room, and that’s when it all started,” Ward said. “The feeling still exhilarates me.”

Ward is an active participant in six clubs, while also becoming junior class president. Her involvement in school activities has resulted in a variety of leadership roles, including being president of the Academic Science Club, Academic League team manager, live guest and social media producer for CHSTV and Lancer Link’s multimedia editor. Despite her commitments, music is never on the backburner for Ward.

“I prioritize [music],” Ward said. “I see it as a destresser. So, when I get home and I have a ton of homework, my main thing that I procrastinate with is definitely playing guitar. If I’m stressed out after a long day of studying, I try to make time to practice and fit in a little bit of music so I’m not overwhelmed by everything.”  

As of now, Ward sees her talent as more of a hobby, rather than a career. Even though becoming a musician seems unrealistic to her, Ward still hopes to connect with others through her music farther down the line.

“My main goal would be to just put out music that I was proud of and music that other people could relate to,” Ward said.

Visit Maddie Ward’s YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram to experience her musical talent for yourself!

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