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Senior Korey Loberg plays guitar. Loberg is a musician currently releasing music as Kevin Pesto.

Kevin Pesto finds his sound

May 4, 2018

Balancing school with your personal passions can be quite difficult, but senior Korey Loberg has found a solution- in the form of Kevin Pesto. Under the pseudonym, Loberg has released a number of original tracks allowing him to improve on his personal passion for music.

Loberg found an initial push to pursue music, as he sought to evoke similar emotions to those elicited from some of his favorite pieces of music.

“I played music my whole life and always liked listening to it. Seeing what it did for certain people and how people reacted to it at shows and in the streets made me want to get the same reaction,” senior Loberg said. “When I’m listening to Sgt. Pepper’s, I know that it is such a big piece of history, and I really strive to make something like that.”

A number of artists and albums contributed to Loberg’s desire to create and share music.

“The biggest inspiration for starting to make music was Tyler the Creator. I was always a huge fan of him and then he was big on the do it yourself kind of thing. So that inspired me to start doing it,” Loberg said. “When I listen to [my favorite] albums and songs it evokes such a feeling of pure joy, inspiration and pride. I always strive to make something as good as that.”

Loberg has found that some of his favorite moments involving music have been simple ones, where he is completely focused on his craft.

“I loved over the summer, going in my garage at night, getting very, very inspired and staying up until 3:30 working on music. It is just so fun and time flies by you,” Loberg said.

Loberg has attempted to force the creative process but finds that his best work presents itself in everyday moments when he least expects it.

“I’ve tried to just walk into my garage and write a song, but it always comes out bad,” Loberg said. “When it really comes together, I’ll be just listening to another song, or watching a movie or TV show, and I’ll see something that will evoke a melody or a chord progression or just a feeling. I will immediately be able to run with it and stretch a whole song out.”

If you are interested in seeing more from Korey Loberg – or Kevin Pesto- you can reach his SoundCloud here and Instagram here.

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