• Name – Maddie Ward
  • Grade next year – 11
  • Position next year – junior president
  • Why she ran – “I decided to run because I love Carlsbad High School so much. I have a lot of experience in ASB from middle school and I just wanted to continue that path. I just want to make junior class’s year next year really, really fun.”
  • Why she’s qualified – “I think I’m qualified because I was ASB president for two years in middle school so I definitely got a lot of experience organizing events from that and I got a lot of fundraising experience as well. One of my main goals for the junior class next year is to actually fundraise and have junior class events so I think that definitely qualifies me to do that. Also just being a part of Carlsbad High School, I’m involved in a lot of clubs and I go to all the games so I know the culture of Carlsbad.”
  • Campaign strategy – “My campaign strategy was to showcase my school spirit and how much I love Carlsbad. I think that was apparent on the posters I put up and when I was talking on CHSTV my main point was that I want to include everyone and make sure everyone is as spirited as I am.”
  • Why she won – “I think that in years past the presidents of the classes haven’t really organized events and such and maybe the suggestion that I would do that helped me win. I think that I am in a diverse group of clubs so maybe that helped too.”
  • What she plans on doing – “My main thing is inclusivity and making sure everyone has fun. I love coming to school everyday, I know a lot of people think I’m lying when I say that but I love learning and I love Carlsbad and I want everyone to feel that same way with events for our class so we can become closer and just promoting all of our spirited events.”

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