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Mental health tears Hollywood apart

March 6, 2018

Mental health is one of the main reasons the world’s suicide levels have spiked in this generation. This has become more apparent in the movie and music industry, especially in child stars. Along side Victoria UniversityAustralian researchers have surveyed many people in the industry and have found certain jobs in the spotlight lead to suicidal thoughts. One cannot begin to understand the struggles that adults and children in the industry go through. Although it is pertained as a luxurious life and everyone wants a piece of fame, the reality of the situation is dark. The common conception of the saying “You have to be made for the spotlight” has never been more realistic.

Throughout the years, suicide has become more common within our society, especially people in the public eye and under the pressure of the media. Many of these stars suffered from mental health issues, which can be anything from bipolar disorder to schizophrenia. Mental health has been an issue much longer than society has realized, but it became very much evident when beloved actor, Robin Williams, took his own life. The voice of Genie from “Aladdin” suffered from manic disorder all his life, and later committed suicide on Aug. 11, 2014. Without seeking help, these talented stars’ lives result in the worst possible conclusion: numbing themselves from the struggles of their disorders.

Some of these cases provoke a lot of emotion from the media, such as when children are affected by these mental illnesses. Demi Lovato, who was raised by both parents that struggled with mental health issues is a prime example of the outcome of a child raised in the spotlight. Lovato later discovered she was bipolar and bulimic. This led to her in later years to become an addict. The famous singer seeked help, and she is now a advocate for people with self-image issues and brings awareness towards mental health. Lovato is a perfect model of what people should be doing about the recent spike in mental health issues, which is helping others and making society aware of these issues.

Society has shed light on mental health in the media through film and music, some iconic movies being “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Silver Linings Playbook”. To some, this is controversial because they believe it is wrong to highlight these illnesses in the media, although many movies including these help people. Through this type of documentation, society can become more aware of mental health and seek help for themselves or others that they may notice possess the same symptoms. With showcasing mental health in television, movies or the media, we can begin to understand what people with these disorders struggle with. If there are people who seem to have an indication of these mental illnesses, become aware of how to help them.

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