Where #TimesUp Falls Flat

February 2, 2018

On Jan. 7, the annual Golden Globes award ceremony was held in Los Angeles, a ceremony that honors actors and actresses for their work over the year. The main focus of the ceremony was to protest the ongoing problem within Hollywood and bring light to the recent sexual harassment accusations. While many celebrities did protest by wearing all black to the event, many viewers couldn’t help but notice that the men who have been accused were participating in the protest. This resulted in the uproar of thousands of activists who believed that the protest did absolutely nothing towards the cause.

Many of the men who were accused of these acts were being praised and rewarded for their work, many disregarding the fact that they assaulted women and men in their industry. Many came to the conclusion that the protest did in fact no justice for the issue, because we, as the audience were praising those who have committed such acts. Supporting someone’s work is supporting that person, there is no excuse to look over the terrible things that they have done just due to the fact that they are talented. They don’t deserve to have their work be rewarded, nor do they have any business to protest an event that is bringing attention to acts they have been accused of committing.

People tend to overlook the fact that assault is assault; it doesn’t matter how good looking or talented the perpetrator is if they have committed a horrendous act against another human being. They need to be held accountable and be shut out by the public; they shouldn’t have people look up to them nor should they be nominated for awards. When they receive awards or they are featured on new projects, it is saying that we as a society don’t care what you do and it will be looked over because you are good looking and your art makes up for it. People will continue to support these people until we start to associate their actions with who they are, including their talent.

The fact that the man who openly admitted to possessing pictures of a minor was awarded the ‘Best actor in a comedy’  reveals that we, as a society need to rethink the way we view those who have committed such acts. There are actors who continue to be casted in big films while there has been evidence to prove that they have assaulted women and men. Recently, an accused domestic abuser was casted into the ‘fantastic beasts’ sequel. While many didn’t see anything wrong with the decision, activists noticed that fans of the film were overlooking the supposed act committed. The problem within the entertainment industry is that they value someone’s talent over who they are as people.

Until we, as the audience, start to associate what entertainers are accused of with their work the whole issue of sexual assault will not be resolved. We need to bring attention to the issue that has been occurring for a long period of time in Hollywood, we need to do everything in our power to show these people that what they are doing or did will not be looked over. They are adults that need to be held accountable for their actions; not be rewarded when they have committed inhumane actions.

To learn more about the issue you can go to this website. 

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