Interact Club

LL: When and where does your club meet?

Interact club: “We meet every odd Tuesday in room 7102.”

LL: “Why should people join your club?”

Interact Club: “This is a really good club to join because we are constantly doing community service events. For example, last year we sent farm animals to a third world country, so basically we do a lot of different types of community service.”

LL: “What separates this club from other clubs on campus?”

Interact Club: “So this year our big project is called the One World Play project. With this project we will be helping a third world country because every time someone buys one of these special balls in the U.S, it will be sent to these countries as well. This ball is special because it is indestructible so it won’t get worn down in the third world countries that don’t really have grass fields.”


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