News for the Carlsbad High School Community

Marianna Marsden

Hana Craft, 12

Hana Craft goes to room 3213 during third period for Ms. Papera’s English class. As a senior at CHS, big decisions are being made about the future.

“Ideally I’ll go to a four year school right out of high school,” senior Hana Craft said. “I’m applying to 11 schools right now although three of them are just safety schools. Probably medical school after that and then I plan to be a doctor. If not a doctor either a teacher, probably something that has to do with biology or psychology.”

Taking AP Calculus AB, AP Econ and AP Chemistry, she has a busy schedule.

“I only have five classes this year because I have a free period but three of them are AP so there’s lots of work,” Craft said. “I’m also in speech and debate which takes up a lot of time as well.”

Although her she has a tight school schedule, she still finds free time to do what she loves.

“In my free time I play the piano, I sing, I write music and I do a lot of homework,” Craft said.

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