Stargazing with Shayda Moezzi

February 20, 2018

Astronomy has sparked an interest in sophomore Shayda Moezzi as she explores the growing discoveries of outer space. With her increasing passion for the stars above, Moezzi has formed the astronomical club  to give those with the same interests an opportunity to openly discuss current findings in our solar system. 

Moezzi took interest in astronomy a few years back when she watched a video of an astronomer. The astronomer’s words sparked an interest in Moezzi’s mind and soon enough, she was gathering more information on the topic.

A couple years ago, I came across a video by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and he was in an interview. He was asked what the most astonishing fact was and his response to that question was astonishing. Every time I listen to it, which is more than 100 times, it is so empowering because it has to do with us and our place in the universe. It is so amazing to think about.”

— Shayda Moezzi

As Moezzi replayed Tyson’s video, each time she began to think of the many unknown occurrences that the world has yet to discover. The thought of having a universe so mysterious and so unfamiliar gave Moezzi a reason to pursue her future plans in astronomy.

“I am currently interning at UCSD and I study the stardust between galaxies,” Moezzi said. “I want to continue my future plans in astronomy and go to my dream schools like CalTech and aim high and achieve my goals. I hope to major in astronomy and minor in applied physics in order to continue my research in these fields.”

Moezzi made the astronomy club so that others have the opportunity to learn about and gain a love for astronomy. The first meeting is on Feb. 27 in room 2007, where Moezzi plans on discussing the past, present and future of the astronomical community. 

“I plan on talking about the groundbreaking discoveries that are currently going on in astronomy and current news and celestial events coming up,” Moezzi said.

With her growing passion for astronomy, Moezzi’s next goal is to inspire those at school to look up at the stars and imagine the endless discoveries and unknown territory that yet to be explored.

“Shayda has the driving force behind her, leading to her what she truly believes in,” sophomore Catyre Ede said. “She is so committed in pursuing her dreams.”

Moezzi continues her plans on making an impact in the students and furthering her commitment in astronomy, as she looks for the stardust in our universe.

“I feel like, in the world today, we are bombarded by the world of politics,” Moezzi said. “People have forgotten to look up at the stars in the universe because there is a lot going on up there.”

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