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BRIEF: Senior Sarah Morgan co-founds Democrat Club

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BRIEF: Senior Sarah Morgan co-founds Democrat Club

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Democrat club, a new club on campus, allows students to discuss current political events, share personal perspectives and find resources they might not have access to otherwise.

Senior treasurer Sarah Morgan helped found the club after seeing the need for one on campus.

“I felt like there wasn’t an outlet for students to express their political opinions at school,” Morgan said. “I wanted to help students get involved with activism in the community.”

The club meets on Tuesdays at lunch in 8203. They also help students prepare for being legally able to vote and encourage participation in current political campaigns.

“We are holding a voter registration drive soon to get teenagers ready to vote,” Morgan said. “We also want to get students involved with current events and internships with political candidates for the upcoming race.”

The club provides students with opportunities to participate in current political campaigns. They have been able to interview with Mike Levin, an environmental attorney running for Congress in California’s 49th Congressional District.

“We discuss current events that relate to democrats,” Morgan said.“We talk a lot about the political climate right now, and current events that are happening within that. We also talk about a lot of upcoming opportunities that we can provide our club members with, like internships. So, a lot of people in our club have been able to get an internship through us. So, we have a lot of people interviewing for Mike Levin for Congress right now. That’s a huge opportunity not a lot of high school students would normally get, but they’ve been able to do that through Democrat Club.”

Morgan’s efforts to create this club and her general determination are appreciated by all members. She has gained valuable knowledge through creating and being a part of Democrat Club that she will be able to apply not only now, but later in life.

“It has taught me that If you care about something, then you must take action,” Morgan said. “It takes a lot of passion to create something worthwhile to participate in.”

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BRIEF: Senior Sarah Morgan co-founds Democrat Club