Edgin brings purple pride to freshman class


Hannah Kellermeyer

Freshman class president, Michaela Edgins follows through on her campaign promises to make a great float. Edgins hopes to make the freshmen class the best they can be

For most incoming freshmen, their first year at Carlsbad High might start out a little scary. For freshman class president Michaela Edgin, she dives in high school head first, bringing the freshman class with her taking on the role of class president.

“When I was in 5th grade, I was class president. But in middle school I didn’t do it, so when I got to high school I decided to try it again,” Edgin said. “I really enjoy it because I’m really into school spirit and I want to show my school support.”

As most know, entering high school means facing the intimidation of the upper-classmen, but Edgin views this as a great opportunity to unite as a school.

“I’m going to really try to get the freshman to go to more games,” Edgin said. “They don’t need to be intimidated of the upperclassmen. We are going to be here for the next four years, so we should start showing our pride now. My vice president is really supportive and keeps me grounded while I’m trying to do things like this.”

Edgin has the support of former freshman class president and current sophomore class president Alexis Mertz, who has nothing but good things to say about her.

“Meeting her for the first time she came off super nice,” Mertz said. “As I got to know her I could tell that she had a lot of pep and purple pride. She seems really dedicated to making this a great year for her freshman class.”

As someone who has been in the same position, Mertz knows a little advice for a fellow class president can go a long way.

“The best advice I could give her would be to have fun as president,” Mertz said. “The most important thing about this position is to make high school fun for your class, so make sure you have a good support team to help you.”

Looking ahead into the future, Edgin predicts the next four years with more pep rallies, football games and classwide unity.

“I would like to continue this for the rest of my high school experience, and definitely consider even doing something in ASB,” Edgin said.