Coach Monty brings “One mind, one family” to Carlsbad


Danny Tajimaroa

Boys varsity coach “Monty” Montgomery looks on alongside the assistant coach and juniors Ethan Emery and Gary Lao. Monty started coaching baseball seventeen years ago and has never looked back.

Carlsbad’s varsity baseball begins their seasons with the fresh start of spring, but also a restored sense of unity and team work — and it’s all because of Monty.

Starting this year, Coach “Monty” Montgomery has replaced the previous season’s varsity baseball coach, AP European History teacher Mr. Green.

“Of course, we’ve expected a lot of overhaul, but it’s a positive change and everyone has accepted it,” Montgomery said. “We’ve also worked on creating a family environment with the team.”

Coach Montgomery started coaching seventeen years ago with the intent to share his passion and love of baseball.

“I wanted to use my expertise and experience to help them not make the same mistakes I made when I was their age,” Montgomery said. “It’s a great feeling to be apart of something bigger than myself.”

Coach Montgomery instills a greater emphasis on unity, having all three varsity, JV and freshman teams work together. Instead of separating them, Monty has stressed the importance of seeing all teams as one, as a family. With this mentality, all three teams gain more support.

“He provides us with more structure as a team,” senior and pitcher Derrick Benson said. “He gave us a motto, ‘One mind, one family’, and that has really helped us gain more coherency and make us feel more like teammates. We all respect each other.”

He also strives to seek consistency and continuity among his coaching staff with the motto “One voice.” And though Montgomery runs a “tight ship”, he reminds his team that failure is not a completely negative outcome.

“Compared to other coaches, I see failure as a positive opportunity,” Montgomery said. “It’s a chance for us to learn.”

But so far, the team has already began the season with a great start (5-2). And on Tuesday, March 26, senior and pitcher Ryan Wilson pitched a perfect game against Del Norte at the Carlsbad home field. An impressive feat for any team, a “perfect game” or “no hitter” is when the opposing team is unable to make it to any bases. 

“If we keep playing how we are now, the rest of the season looks good,” Wilson said. “Monty has really helped us grow mentally and physically by creating a family aspect for the team.”

Already holding the title as the 2013 League Champioins, Carlsbad is on pace to continue their success throughout the rest of the year. Montgomery has high hopes for this season.

“It’s looking pretty good this year,” Monty said. “All the changes have really shown improvement.”