Support the Spandex


Sierra Gomperts

During the girls volleyball game against Fallbrook, the noise boys debuted their “support the spandex” shirts and spirit. Despite the loss against Fallbrook, the boys provided lots of crowd support and encouragement.

You may have remembered them last year, cheering their heads off  in their infamous tank tops. This year is no different; the Noise Boys, the personal cheering section for the girl’s volleyball team, are front and center for the girls volleyball home games.With a brand new motto plastered on the Noise Boys’ tank tops, there were many questions about this bold new creed.

“One of the girls on our team heard it from one of the girls from her club team,” senior and girls varsity volleyball player Sydney Rheinhardt said. “They did it at another school, and we liked it so much, we decided to do it too.”

With new black tank tops this year, the Noise Boys has adopted the motto of “Support the Spandex” which spans across the front of their tank tops. The tank tops features a girl with a volleyball on the back to showcase the the support for the volleyball squad.

“It gets us really excited that we have all these people coming out and supporting us,” Rheinhardt said.

Many new members arose and became eager to join after hearing about the fun from last year. With more participants for Noise Boys this year, the girls volleyball team is excited to have the crowd support.

“Its a really big deal to be here supporting our girl’s volleyball team, its really cool to be apart this brotherhood and we have the girls back during the games no matter what happens ,” junior Mason Cayaban said.

Not only has it benefited volleyball but  members of the elite pep squad seem to have gotten more than just hoarse voices.

“I love the spirit and the atmosphere of hanging out with my boys and making lots of noise, its great,” junior Kevin Gordon said. “I just love high school.”

Many members include boyfriends and good friends of members of women’s volleyball with the main reason was to show their support for girl’s volleyball. The motivation for the Noise Boys is simply the desire to see girls volleyball succeed to a new level.

“I feel honored and at the same time I feel great doing it, Noise Boys is a lifesytle and you just got to get loud and rep that Carlsbad spirit,” junior Theo Vance.

With increased crowd support now for the home games at volleyball, the team hopes to end the season on a strong note. If you are interested in becoming a Noise Boy, it is quite simple, all you have to do is come to out to the girls volleyball game and see the other young fellows with the iconic black tank tops.

“Loud crowd has been really great, its fun to see students and our friends come to watch us play,” freshman volleyball player Morgan Buck said. “It makes us more aggressive and we really do appreciate everyone coming out.”

The screaming and cheering on has been a big help for the team, by feeding off the energy, the team feeds off that electricity in the air and excels their level of performance.

“It gets us pumped up and makes us show off our skills, we just want to impress them and make them come back for more,” Buck said.”Sometimes when the other team gets quiet and they get timid when we are hitting at them with our fans all pumped up.”

In the stands, senior loud crowd leader Spencer Beyer is doing his part by leading the chants in Loud crowd. Loud Crowd has figured out when to cheer while keeping the players energetic and the crowd respectful.

“I think they like us to wait in between points for us to cheer but it doesn’t mean we can cheer while they are playing,” Beyer said. “We are there to cheer them on and support them so I hope it helps them out.”

“Support the Spandex” is helping girls volleyball gain publicity and support for all levels. The phrase is trying to get fellow students to  help cheer on the lady Lancers on the volleyball court.

The dual aspect of both Loud Crowd and Noise Boys creates the most energy possible for our lady Lancers volleyball. Help keeping the energy at the ganes for both the players and crowd by leading the large for spirit and pep.

“It great opportunity to express your school spirit, and its awesome to come out and support girls volleyball,” junior Dietrich Von Kaenel said. With great leadership of senior Spencer Beyer, Loud crowd and Noise Boys  have more members than ever before this year.

“I’m trying to support the spandex as much as I can and loud crowd is going to try and support the spandex by going to as many games as we can,” Beyer said.” No matter if loud crowd is there or not everyone should go out and support the lancers, so be loud and support the spandex.”