Respecting the private lives of celebrities


When someone becomes famous, it seems like everything anybody could ever want to know about them is placed at the hands of the public seemingly overnight. That is what makes someone famous, right? A person becomes famous when some information about their life is released and we, as a society, decide if it is interesting enough information to where we want to know and see more of them. Most celebrities act like they love the spotlight and thrive off of always being in the public eye. However, everyone has seen the crazy videos of celebrities yelling, screaming, or even getting violent with paparazzi. This might be because everyone knowing everything about you all the time, is not the healthiest way to live.

Most famous people take part in some sort of social app that allows them to connect with their fans, family, and friends. It is the celebrity’s choice on what he/she decides to post and allow everyone to see about them. So when it comes to social media, most people would say that it does not go too far with privacy because they are deciding on how much they would like to give out. This is true, but with other accounts with the sole purpose of exposing celebrities and making their personal lives public, social media becomes a much darker place for these people.

It is physically challenging being a famous person, but the mental and emotional destruction that can take place from lack of privacy is usually overlooked. As stated before, many celebrities have had outbursts of rage with paparazzi and sometimes even fans. When this event occurs everyone is very quick to call the person out on being unreasonable and crazy, but when a person is always being watched with no form of privacy for most things in their lives, it can make someone feel overwhelmed and anxious. Both of these emotions can make a person react in a way that they normally would not.

With this being said, as a celebrity you have to expect the 24/7 surveillance from everyone around you. You are famous because people are interested in the person you are. Whether that’s because you are an amazing actor, singer, or comedian, people want to know about you. There is a huge lack of privacy for most famous people at this time, and the controversy over whether that is okay or not will continue. All that is possible now is to understand both sides of the story and see that they are still people and should be treated as such even if they are considered “famous”.