Technology is ruining our priorities


As technology is getting more advanced, many people are becoming distracted and losing interest when it comes to focusing on what will take them places in life. Instead of thinking about grades and how much effort they put into their work, students are more concerned on who likes their photo or who has more followers. As more and more apps are coming into the students’ eyes, it is just causing them to not care about what really matters in their life. Students are putting their technology life first, and their actual life is slowly falling apart.

Technology has also led students to procrastinate more. If students receive a notification when studying for a test or looking over notes, they automatically become distracted and stop focusing on what they were working on before. Many students will find themselves on their devices for hours and will not remember what they were doing before they picked up their phone.  When this happens, students do not even care about what they were doing and tend to just forget about it.

Students also have lost concentration in their classes. Instead of focusing on what the teacher is trying to teach, students think about if that person texted them back or how many people have viewed their story. Even though students are not supposed to be on their phones during class, most students try to find ways to sneak time on them. This happens because they cannot go for a long period of time without checking their phone. Lessons and tests are becoming a small priority for students as they begin to pay more attention to who is talking to them through their phone. Examples of how this is affecting students in a negative way is how their grades are starting to drop and there is no desire to improve them. Not only does this happen in class, but also just in everyday life. Many young adults are not able to make eye contact or last in a conversation because they cannot look up from their phone. They are only comfortable having a conversation with someone over the phone.

As students and young adults are growing up, they have lost interest in what should be their true priorities. Students are putting their technology first and do not seem to care about what they should be focusing on in their life. Many young adults in our generation do not know what their priorities are anymore and do not even realize the extent to which technology has affected their lives.