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Sophia Struna

Sophia Struna

We are the problem

December 13, 2017

What if I said Trump is not the problem. Yes, he is a problem- and yes, he is the cause of many, many problems, but Trump, himself, is not the problem.

We are.

What does it say about our country that we allowed him to become our president? What does it say about our country that we normalized his unacceptable behavior? And what does it say about our culture that we have allowed this idiot to become celebrated like some child, who seems to keep getting chance after chance in order to prove us wrong?

Trump did not create this hateful and ignorant society; he is merely a result of it.”

— Emily Hyde

Well, I gave Trump a chance; that is why I am writing this more than a year after this man was elected- to prove that the same despicable behavior he showed us in 2016 is still just as despicable now. It is not normal. It is not okay. It must be changed.

But the root of the problem is not one ignorant man who has brought out every ounce of hate this country seems to possess. The root of the problem is the society that elected him. What if he is a reflection of us? I know- scary, right?

Four years will pass by, and hopefully before then, Trump will no longer be in the White House. But that does not mean the problem is solved. Trump did not create this hateful and ignorant society; he is merely a result of it. And as scary as it is to remove the blame from someone who so easily deserves it, it must be done in order to resolve the true problem. Now, do not mistake this for tolerance. While addressing the cause of this monster, we must continue to protest his behavior and make it known that his hypocrisy and utter lack of concern for the American people will not be tolerated and will not be normalized.

Every other day, there is a new scandal, misleading tweet or proposed policy that should cause an uproar, but does not. I understand that the worry and stress of keeping up with the latest absurdities in the White House can be exhausting, but since when did sexist comments, racial slurs and direct dishonesty with the American people become the norm? Well, maybe since those horrendous ideals became ingrained into the beliefs of too many Americans. Trump is an embarrassment to the nation and world, but unless we address this problem at the root of it, he will only be the first of many failures to come.

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About the Writer
Emily Hyde, opinion editor

Emily Hyde is a junior at Carlsbad High and this is her second year on Lancer Link.  In her free time, she dances at Carlsbad Dance Centre and and listens to music. She loves to sleep, although she doesn’t get much of it and is slightly obsessed with coffee. She loves writing, hates math, and wants to dance for a living when she is older.



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