The new, slimmer Airpods Pro design. (Photo Courtesy of Apple Inc.)
The new, slimmer Airpods Pro design.

Photo Courtesy of Apple Inc.

The Airpods (Pro)bably fit your style

January 8, 2020

Quick tip, if a genie is ever discovered be sure to wish for a hundred-sixty bucks every time you see someone wearing little white toothbrushes on their ears and you will never need another cent. The Airpods family became just as big of a success as the iPhones, with their trademark shape and (with the disappointingly only option of a) glaring white color becoming a familiar sight to anyone. 

Seemingly overnight, the Apple product became a massive hit. Just as iPhones, the Airpods have proven to be one of the most resilient gadgets, with a reputation for reliability and user satisfaction. 

“I use my Airpods probably every single day, as they are super easy to handle and I can focus with them,” sophomore Alyssa Nguyen said. “I’ve been pretty reliant on them just because of their efficiency, and it ultimately is just a habit to have them on regardless of listening to music or not.”

The Airpods have been a success from the get-go, with their second iteration in 2019 being no different. The newer version added wireless charging, making the buds even more versatile. That is their only difference, however. The sound, size and battery are all the exact same as the first generation from 2016.

“I am pretty happy with [the second generation Airpods], they do keep me entertained while I do mundane tasks and have a really good quality,” Nguyen said. “For me, they really fit well and keep me vibing.”

Airpods feature a sleek white design, with no differences between the 2016, and 2019 models. Apple tried a slightly new design with the Pro model, seen in the featured image

Of course, just how Android thrived from those who were not fulfilled by Apple products, the Airpods do have flaws. We are still waiting for an equally popular competitor in the wireless earbuds level though.

“The only thing I would probably improve is the tracking system of each pod because it does make the sound [when you lose it] but you can’t physically track them from the app,” Nguyen said. “Also, the tracking isn’t very good either and it’s an issue because I cannot afford a second pair.”

Perhaps now it has become clear why Apple chose to only add wireless charging to the Airpods instead of massively upgrading the earbuds themselves. The reason could very well be the new Airpods Pro.

“They provide a better, much more immersive sound experience, and they also have [optional] noise cancellation which can be useful,” junior Samuel Heyman said.

The Pro model does have a much more premium price tag, with Apple listing them for $240. For the big price jump, there are other benefits aside from optional noise cancelation.

“I use my Airpods every day…they are extremely reliant when I’m using them and I find them much more comfortable than the regular Airpods to wear, so I find [the Pro] more reliable in all aspects,” Heyman said.

Both the Airpods and Airpods Pro are on the premium side of wireless earbuds. Still, with quality features, consumers find it easy to justify.

“I am extremely happy with them, my favorite feature is their portability and versatility when it comes to sound and how aware I want to be of my surroundings,” Heyman said. 

That said, just because they are the “Pro” version doesn’t mean that buds are the best for everyone. Apple did not fix the tracking concern brought up by Nguyen with the Pro model.

“When it comes to the price, I would say if you’re willing to pay more for the overall better quality they are worth the buy, otherwise, the [regular] Airpods will work just fine,” Heyman concluded.

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