Bringing the classroom home

Math teacher, Mrs. Avalos-Long, teaches her sophomore son, Ethan Long. Mrs. Avalos-Long teaches algebra 2 honors, a class her son is currently enrolled in.

Many students do not experience a close teacher-student relationship, however, several students have a special bond with their teachers, because their teachers are their parents.

Sophomore Ethan Long and sophomore Michelle Muilenburg are two students who have experienced this rare occasion. Mr. Muilenburg teachers marine biology, and Mrs. Avalos-Long teaches algebra. They thought it might be strange to see their parents during the school day, but they think it also comes with its benefits. 

“I thought it would be really weird coming into freshman year last year, but honestly it’s awesome because you can go in and get food from them,” Michelle said. “They’re also just there to help support you.”

Although it may seem like being in your parent’s class would earn you special privileges, Ethan and Michelle think otherwise. They believe there is more pressure to do well in the class because of the benefits that come with having your parent as your teacher.

“If anything, she just treats me a little harder than the other kids,” Ethan said. “She always looks at my paper and sees if I’m getting the answers right.”

Having your parent for a teacher may come with some benefits, which include extra help inside and outside of school. When you are at home, it can be convenient to ask the teacher a question or for clarification because they live with you.  

“I can go in and I’m more comfortable with asking him questions because he’s my dad,” Michelle said.

It might seem awkward to have your mom for a teacher, like Ethan does, but it could be fun once you forget that the teacher is your parent.

“The class I’m in has a ton of my friends so that makes it really fun,” Ethan said.

From a teacher’s perspective, it could be odd to teach your own kid something, such as algebra or marine biology. However, once you forget that your child is in the room, everything can return to normal teaching.

“At first it was a little strange, but after I looked at him as just another student it wasn’t so bad,” Mrs. Avalos-Long said. “I kind of tried to ignore that he was in the room.”

On the other hand, it could be entertaining for both the teacher and the student to be together during the school day. Mr. Muilenburg likes to have his kid in his class because he likes to mess her. 

“It’s fun to have my kid in my class because I can tease them more than I would most other students and I know that their parents won’t get mad.”

— Mr. Muilenburg

“It’s fun to have my kid in my class because I can tease them more than I would most other students and I know that their parents won’t get mad,” Mr. Muilenburg said.

Just because your parent is interested in marine biology, does not mean that you have a passion for the subject. However, Michelle Muilenburg has shown an interest anyways.

“It’s something I’m interested in, so I’m talking about it a lot like her whole life,” Mr. Muilenburg said.