Solving Illegal immigration

June 8, 2018

America’s immigration policies have allowed around 1 million documented immigrants into the country in the year of 2016. Though with these 1 million documented immigrants entering the country, additionally 700,000 illegal immigrants entered and stayed within our beautiful country without any consequences. We must find a way to balance our borders between allowing legal immigrants to enter our country, and finding a way to stop illegal immigrants from entering.  

Immigration may be the only way for families to leave dangerous situations, such as gang violence, natural disasters, and simply a way to start a new life. These families that want to start a new life can do so properly, you can file documentation and aid to come into the U.S. Though when people try to come into the country illegally it causes problems not only for the country that they are entering, such as needed spending on border enforcement, but it can also cause problems for the people who are trying to start their new life. If they are caught trying to cross into the U.S. or caught within the country, they can be deported and sent away from their families that they are trying to start a better life for

The current immigration laws allow people who don’t live in America to permanently and legally reside inside of the country. Though when immigrants illegally enter the country it causes the government to spend money on resources to either document these citizens or sadly deport them. In the year of 2017 ICE made 226,119 removals of illegal immigrants from the U.S. alone. When we allow these people to not only cross over into our country but to live here without any documentation of them being residents of the country it can encourage other immigrants to skip the legal process of becoming a U.S. resident. They do not have work visas, birth certificates, or any real documentation to allow them to obtain jobs in the U.S.  Employers also have a hard time hiring these men and women because they are simply a risk at work, the human resource worker at the company must sign off saying that they are legal and have the proper documentation to live and work in the country. If immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) were to find out that they were illegal they would have to not only deport the illegal worker, but they would also have to arrest the human resource worker that lied and signed the form saying that they were legal.

The simple matter of the fact is that the men and women of our country need to find a way for these Illegal immigrants to either find proper documentation to reside here, or sadly deport them until they can receive their visas into our country. We simply cannot let them illegally cross over into America and live here without any consequence. The current government is promoting this behavior by providing them free food, welfare,  and community housing. We need to help secure our borders and encourage proper and legal ways to enter and live freely within our beautiful country.





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AJ Griffin, Assistant Editor
Anthony, who goes by AJ, is a senior at Carlsbad High School. This is AJ's fourth year on staff, returning as an assistant editor. AJ has a strong love for bringing up local and national news to students' eyes through journalism, wanting to inform the public on current events. AJ is a Carlsbad Fire Explorer with the Carlsbad Fire Department, running shifts with them on his days off. AJ aspires to become a firefighter when he is older, wanting to help the community.

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