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Athletic director Amanda Waters accepts a plaque commemorating her entrance into the Husson University Hall of Fame. Waters works with students to make sure they are succeeding in their athletic and academic lives.

Amanda Waters scores herself in Husson University’s Hall of Fame

December 15, 2017

As more sports teams here at Carlsbad High School start their season and prepare for upcoming events, Carlsbad’s athletic director, Amanda Waters, aims to help as many athletes as possible. Being in this position, Mrs. Waters hopes to brighten the environment and make sure each athlete has a positive experience throughout their season. Through her four years as the director, Mrs.Waters has seen the growing excitement in students. The amount commitment students give to their sport is what makes Mrs.Waters enjoy her position.

Mrs. Water’s love for sports brought along hard work and determination, and at the end, she was rewarded with a special gift. After finding out she made it to Husson University‘s hall of fame, Mrs. Waters expressed her thoughts on receiving the biggest award of her career.

“You know, athletics for me is more than just sports,” Mrs.Waters said. “It was my way out of where I was. That is how I got a scholarship to play. . . It was very humbling to go back. Not a lot of people get inducted into their college’s hall of fame.”

Going back to the campus and receiving this honor made Mrs. Waters look back at the hardships and experiences that brought her up to this point.

“It was a survival,” Mrs. Waters said. “It was work hard and have fun, and that was what the coaches there taught me. My college basketball coach helped change my life and form who I am, and I was lucky enough to have her induct me.”

Mrs. Waters hoped to use her experiences in college to help the athletes around school, whether it is with school work or the struggles students have in their sport.

“I was never a scholar athlete and athletics helped keep me involved in school when I wasn’t sure, and so by the time I got to college, I finally figured it out that some people take longer than others,” Mrs. Waters said. “ I think that is something I hope I can bring to athletes that are struggling here with certain things.”

Being in this position, Mrs. Waters enjoys the competitiveness and commitment of our athletes.

“Seeing the kids in the game, seeing them win, [is] truly my favorite part of being in this position,”

— Amanda Waters

“Seeing the kids in the game, seeing them win, [is] truly my favorite part of being in this position,” Mrs. Waters said.

When seeing the kids enjoy their time, Mrs. Waters hopes to deliver a message that will help students in the long run.

“[I want] to show them that you can, and you can still get inducted into you college Hall of Fame even if you are not a scholar athlete,” Mrs.Waters said.

Her goal as the athletics director is to make the athletics program easier for students who are struggling to keep up in school work with their sports team commitments. As Mrs. Waters continues to advise students, she watns this message will click.

“I hope they can learn that sports is way more than just winning and losing I hope their coaches teach them the same thing as well,” Mrs. Waters said.

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