Cons of Summer School

There are very few cons to taking a summer class, but they can be major. Some stray away from taking courses over the summer because they feel like their summer will be taken away. Summer courses do take time out of your summer and some courses can last up to six weeks. Students may have to go to campus for a few hours every day to partake in their class. Some students hate having a few hours a week taken out of their summer, so taking a summer course is not an option.

Some courses that are offered may cost money. Many will stray away from having to pay for a summer course. Some courses can cost up to 600 dollars. People won’t want to have to pay to take a six-week long course.

Certain courses this year are offering a hybrid course. With the hybrid, students will go to campus two days a week. The hybrid courses include in-person work and instruction as well as online. Some students who were looking into taking a course over the summer may be steered away from taking one if required to attend a hybrid course. Students may not want to go to campus for a few hours a week. Many may be wary of the idea this year due to COVID-19.