Pro: playing the game

Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

Senior assassins… a game that takes over the senior class with adrenaline and excitement. Senior Tosh Everett is known for his intensity and dedication in the game. Together him and his partner Trent Lopez have set their best foot forward to come out on top. By putting in a surplus of time, the duo aims to get their targets out and hopefully end up with a win.

“I like senior assasins because I’m a super competitive person and want to win money,” Everett said. “The mystery and the heart racing adrenaline is what makes senior assassins fun.”

Everett’s passion for the game reflects in his efforts to get his targets out and win the jackpot. Him and his partner have gone above and beyond to achieve their goals.

“I remember camping outside my targets house at five in the morning to make sure I was able to get her out when she came to her car,” Everett said. “Trent was there to capture the moment on film.”

Before this years game of senior assassins began, the duo had a game plan that they would follow throughout the year to achieve the best results. So far, the plan has proved to succeed.

“Getting ‘wet’ or ‘eliminated’ out of the game is the most frustrating part for sure,” Everett said. “So me and my partner had the strategy to be more of defensive players. The strategy proved to be super effective.”

The duo has exectuted their plan to perfection and it has kept them in the game. Their careful preparation and attention to detail has benefitted them in the long run.

“Future advice to anyone who wants to win would to not become careless,” Everett said. “Being careless is what is gong to get you out. You always have to be ready and stocked with floaties to ensure your immunity. Also to plan out your day on purge days so you aren’t caught lacking.”

Everett’s experience in the game has made him believe that everyone in the class should participate in senior assassins. After all, you are only a senior once.

“The tradition is important because it gives underclassmen something to look forward to at the time of their senior year,” Everett said. “Seniors should chose to participate in the game in the future because you do not get to go back to high school and relive it. You have one year to play the game and that’s it.”