Con: America is not responsible for the migrants

Aj Griffin , Assistant Editor

Families traveling thousands of miles through different cities in Mexico only to reach the U.S. border in the name of asylum, are only angered even more when they get denied entry into the country. This is not the fault of the U.S. when these immigrants enviably get denied asylum. These people claim they have right to be granted asylum and I wholeheartedly agree, though there are other countries such as Mexico that could take in all of these immigrants.

The trauma that these people have faced in their home country is unimaginable. They should be able to seek a safer life, though the U.S. is not responsible for taking in the thousands of refugees that rush the border. The immigrants that come from South America are traveling on foot and by caravans. Immigrants travel all the way through Mexico just to reach the U.S. border and either try to illegally enter the county by scaling the fence, and/or they try to overpower the border patrol agents by throwing rocks and stones at them. This causes the immigrants to flee back down into Mexico as undocumented immigrants.

These confrontations at the border are not necessary. The immigrants that are fleeing from South America don’t need to come all the way up to the U.S. Mexico should grant these immigrants asylum. The U.S. already has 46.7 million immigrants within its borders, while Mexico only has 961 thousand immigrants within the country. So why is it on the U.S. to take in even more immigrants when we already have 40 times more immigrants than Mexico does? America does not have the job availability that Mexico has. The U.S. has the lowest African American unemployment rate the country’s history, and with that the Hispanic unemployment rate has dropped a full point as in on track to be the lowest in history. The job market is extremely competitive within the U.S., so these immigrants would have a better chance of finding work within Mexico. 

Mexico has tons of safe towns that these immigrants have already been camping at while they are on their way to the border of the U.S. Mexico needs to set up an asylum program for all of the fleeing families from South America. They could provide a type of welfare program that America uses, and or they could have some type of temporary housing for immigrants. Anything to help these families establish a new life. They are already allowing immigrants to set up camp in Tijuana and other cities so they should allow these immigrants to live within their country.

America should not be responsible for taking in these thousands of immigrants; there should be other asylum options for them in other countries such as Mexico. Instead of having a conflict arise at the U.S. border between the border patrol and the immigrants, why doesn’t Mexico just take them into their country instead of having them start a even harder life if they were able to inside of the U.S.? The cost of living is higher inside of the U.S., there is a higher chance of discrimination and there are less jobs for immigrants. Though if they were to stay in Mexico, they could have an easier transition from their hard life in South America.