An international perspective on team environments

Two Italians share their stories comparing track and field in Italy and America.

June 8, 2018

Native Carlsbad students may not recognize how spirited or team-like our school actually is, however, when viewing our school from a whole new perspective, we may appreciate our team environments even more. Coming from Bologna, Italy about a year ago with a Visa E-2, athletes Celeste and William Guidotti have experienced sports in two completely different areas.

Junior Celeste Guidotti participated in volleyball, swimming and track and field in Bologna. However, sports in Carlsbad are conducted differently, in that they are school affiliated activities rather than independent organizations. This difference has offered a whole new experience of sports for Celeste. This change has been especially prominent in track and field. 

“It was just a small group [of] 15 and we didn’t have a lot of competitions [and] invitationals,” Celeste said. “I love it here because you’re in a group. In track and field you have your own event, but in the end, you’re all together; you represent Carlsbad High.”

It’s very new here. It’s a different world. ”

— Celeste

Feeling this deeper connection to a team has encouraged Celeste to not only do track and field next year, but also participate in cross country. Likewise, Celeste’s brother, freshman William Guidotti, has also noted the different team environments between their two homes.

“In Italy there were less people, and I felt less motivated because people didn’t really understand the meaning of being there [on the team],” William said.

Despite a lack of encouragement, William also did swimming and track and field, as well as soccer back in Bologna. When they moved here a year ago, William came willing to try new things and get more involved in the high school.

“I came with an open mindset, so I didn’t have many problems,” William said.

Now, William’s experiences has prompted him to think about his future in athletics. Beyond doing sports for the rest of high school, William also plans on running in college. But the perks of sports haven’t just been the activity itself, but also his fellow teammates that have contributed to his positive experience.

“I like the people I run with,” William said. “The good thing about this is talking with the people and joking with the teammates.”

By keeping an open mind and interacting with their new teammates, the siblings have perceived a positive team behavior at Carlsbad. Even if joining the track and field team made the transition to a new country easier, the Guidottis have definitely adjusted to major differences, especially athletically. 

“It’s very new here,” Celeste said. “It’s a different world.”

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