Mackenzie Karnig, staff writer

Connor Hanan:

The other half of the high-performing duo is senior Connor Hanan. Hanan, along with his sister, has been selected to be a part of the honorary Royal Lancers. Hanan has put forth a great amount of time and hard work to be where he is now.

Up until recently, Hanan had never seen himself being a Royal Lancer due to the fact that he was unaware of the program, but this did not dull his excitement to achieve this award.

“I didn’t know what exactly Royal Lancers were until I got a letter this summer,” Hanan said. “It was pretty exciting.”

Through all of his hard work, Hanan was happy to be recognized and represent CHS. Hanan did not just get there through his smarts, but he also used many elements to motivate him to get where he is now.

“The prospect of doing well definitely motivated me and representing my school in a positive way,” Hanan said.

Having a sister who has also been awarded the title of Royal Lancer, they have grown to motivate each other to be the best they can be. Both Avery and Connor have challenged themselves throughout the past 4 years to be where they are today. Along with each other’s motivation, Hanan has also used other tips to get him along his four years of high school so far.

“You must be studious, and apply yourself to everything that you get the opportunity to,” Hanan said.

Representing CHS as a Royal Lancer means students are looking to you for goals and advice. Along with holding this role model position on campus, also comes pressure and stress.  However, Hanan believes he has gained the right mindset to avoid being under the weight of work and the pressure.

“I haven’t really felt much pressure,” Hanan said. “By this time we have already formed the habits we need to succeed.”