Everett Williams, 12

Lancer Link: How long have you been running and how did you get started?

Everett Williams: I’ve been running cross country all four years of high school and running track since middle school.  My mom runs marathons and my older brother ran cross country so thats what got me into it.

LL: What do you like about running?

EW: I like being on a team because everyone pushes each other. I enjoy the feeling after accomplishing and improving a new personal best.

LL: What do you do to keep your spirits up during meets?

EW: I just get in my zone.

LL: What is your biggest challenge and how do you manage this?

EW: Injuries are my biggest challenge. I’ve had problems with my knees. I stretch and do things to prevent these type of injuries.

LL: Have you been a captain before and what are their duties?

EW: No I haven’t. Captains are someone who everyone looks up to for leadership. They lead stretches and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. I like taking charge and showing everyone how it’s done because I’ve been in cross country so long.

LL: Who is your favorite athlete in why?

EW: Galen Rupp because he is very good and aspire to be like him.

LL: Favorite pre race meal?

EW: I love pasta.

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