Burke Twins: 12

Kamden Maas, Staff Writer

The senior Burke twins, Collin and Will, share the passion for athletics. The two seniors differentiate in age by two minutes,Will being slightly older. The seniors also share a tall height gene, both being 6’4″. The brothers have been active in sports since they were young. Will spends his time practicing on the field while Collin trains in the pool. Collin shows his love for waterpolo by attending the two and three-a-days. Collin plans on bringing intensity to the upcoming 2014 fall season. Will demonstrates determination through his aggressive style of play and he brings experience to the football team.

Lancer Link: How did you get into your sport?

Collin Burke:  At the time my older brother Ryan played waterpolo at Vista High School, and I was already swimming, so I figured why not try it, especially since I liked swimming. I ended up liking it after I went to a couple practices. And it went on from there.

Will Burke: I first got into football when I was nine. I used to swim, then I got over swimming and I wanted to play a different sport. My dad played football when he was in high school so he introduced me to it. This my tenth year and I still love it.

LL: What sacrifices have you made for your sport?

CB: It is a huge time commitment. I have had to sacrifice concerts, hanging out with friends, and social events for tournaments. It takes a lot of time during my life, especially in season, during fall, when we have double and even triple days. Time management is the key in my life.

WB: I definitely have had to sacrifice seeing my friends, simply because high school football is such a huge time commitment. We always have stuff on the weekends and even practice during the spring.

LL: Why do you enjoy playing your sport?

CB: I enjoy it because I have made some really close friends though the sport and it allows me to be with my good friends while I play the sport I like. I plan on finishing my senior year out strong by winning CIFs.

WB: I love football because it is a competitive sport, I have tons of friends on the team, and it is a great team sport.

LL: What motivates you to continue playing your sport?

CB: I believe representing our school is a big motivator. Since we have won nine out of eleven CIF championships, it forces me to continue practicing and playing tough so I can help the team pursue the legacy of Carlsbad waterpolo and live up to our name.

WB: Now that I have had heart surgery that definitely motivates me; just to recover and come out faster then expected pushes me. I am really blessed to able to play the sport I love again. It was extremely terrifying having the doctor tell me as a teenager that I was going to have heart surgery.

LL: What advice do you have for younger athletes?

CB: As long as you work hard everyday and give it your all you are going to see really great results. You are going to make a lot of mistakes in life and in waterpolo, just learn from them and improve. As long as you do good things then good opportunities will open up for you. Even in school work hard, because you have to have decent grades to play a sport.

WB: If you love the sport then keep playing. If you work hard it will pay off and it will be worth it.