From the hard back to the big screen

Everyone knows of a good book or series that has been turned into a movie. The problem with this is readers are not always happy with how the movie represents the book. Readers make up the majority of the audience, and a poor display of the book on screen can result in an unsuccessful movie. Once the bar is set so high by the book, movies tend to have a difficult time living up to expectations.

Movies simply do not have the money needed to make the visions of the books come true. This is true especially in fictional books. If the book calls for a character to do something that cannot be attained in real life, the movie makers must spend a vast amount of money just on effects.

If the movie has a tight budget and the producers feel they cannot afford paying for good effects, the movie suffers. The readers expect the movie to visually create the scene the way the book has painted it in their minds, but that costs more money.

Writers can drag out a a story through several books with plenty of detail, but screen writers only a few hours to explain the story line before their audience gets bored or distracted.

Due to the lack of time they have to entertain the audience movie makers must find key events to include in their movie. The details and events left out of the book can easily offend readers because of their high expectations from the book.

Often movies hardly even follow the book, for example The lightning Thief, in the book Kronos was a major villain and in the movie they failed to even acknowledge his character.

Due to the rush to get the movie in theaters, many important people involved in producing the movie may find it hard to carefully read the book. Some might feel that leaving certain details out from the book out does not matter so much. But they those details are part of what the makes the story so magical. While they are busy editing, filming, and casting they forget the most important part in making a story come to life–understanding and following the book.

Readers and fans of the book will become infuriated if the movie does not go according to the book. They already have a certain presumption of the book and if the movie does not stick to that readers become shocked and hurt because they have adapted to the original story line.

Generally, movies come after the book and it’s difficult to make the same impression upon the readers the way the book already has, but it can be done. The way to make a successful movie originating from a book is to make every scene, from the book, come to life this will certainly impress readers. Books should not be made into movies unless the movie makers have a flexible budget and a good understanding of the story line.