Faringhy finds work with local musician

Faringhy finds work with local musician

Matt La Bounty, staff writer

At Carlsbad High School, there is an abundance of employed students, currently working while attempting to juggle the workload of a high school student and the responsibility of his place of work.

Most people would assume a teen’s first job would consist of flipping burgers, which in most cases can be pretty accurate. However junior Adam Faringhy has taken a unique opportunity, and is currently working with the well-known guitarist and co-creator of guitarjamz.com, Marty Schwartz.

“I have two jobs with him, first, I am his assistant and take care of the studio bills and check refunds with customers. Second, I film just about everything Marty does, including any gigs and blogs we make,” Faringhy said.

Schwartz’s videos have exceeded 220 million views in total, showing his growing popularity as a guitar teacher and a guitarist.  Most of the videos uploaded have been shot and edited by Faringhy, who is also an important part of CHSTV. These two talented individuals seem to have met by chance and have had a long history with each other.

“Funny story, Marty used to teach me private guitar and bass lessons when I was younger and I played in a band that he helped with,” Faringhy said. “Moral of the story, he used to work for me and now I work for him.”

Surprisingly, Faringhy is still able to manage his schoolwork, whereas most students spend several hours a day working encounter difficulties.

“I love to work more than I like school so it’s hard to say that I have to leave work to do school work, but luckily my schedule is flexible,” Faringhy said. “It’s ridiculous how much freedom I have in this job.”

Working with a gifted individual such as Schwartz for the past eight months has given Faringhy invaluable lessons that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

“I have learned to be more independent which is something that teens either have a really easy job doing or a really hard time.  I have also learned that you can work and have fun at the same time,” Faringhy said.

Faringhy quickly found that this trade was far from the ordinary and feels fortunate to work with Schwartz.

“I am more than happy with my job, I love it and I will tell everyone that. I don’t think anybody can have a better job than me,” Faringhy said. “The pay is excellent, my boss is one in a million and he has the biggest heart of anyone I know.”

To watch the productions of Adam Faringhy and Marty Schwartz you can visit them on YouTube or at guitarjamz.com.