Brittany Garcia, Senior


As co-captain of Xcalibur, senior Brittany Garcia strives to motivate younger dancers. To learn more about her dedication, Lancer Link asked her a few questions.

Lancer Link: How did you get into dance?

Brittany Garcia: When I was two, my mom enrolled me in a baby ballet class because she was a dancer.

LL: What sacrifices have you made for dance?

BG: I had to quit theater sophomore year to be on dance.

LL: Why do you enjoy dancing?

BG: Dance is a way for me to release emotions.

LL: What motivates you to continue dancing?

Being a co-captain motivates me so all the others girls have someone to look up to.

LL: Do you have any advice for younger dancers?

BG: My advice would be to not give up even when people tell you that you can’t do something and to use that as a motivation.