New ASB class presidents begin to make plans for the upcoming year

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

On May 11 2012 eager underclassmen voted for their future class presidents next year. Next year Sarah Lang will represent the sophomore class, Maddy Oas will represent the junior class and Levi Sebahar will represent the senior class. All class presidents have exciting plans for the 2012-2013 year.

Sarah Lang, 10

LL:  What duties do you have as sophomore class president.

SL: I am going to be working on the sophomore class float for homecoming and I will be participating in fundraising and helping out with the dances and promoting stuff for ASB and clubs.

LL: Are you excited for the upcoming year? Why?

SL: Yes. I am so excited I am freshmen class president so going in for another year I know what is coming.

LL: How will your experience help you?

SL: I will be older and it will be my second year and I know more about and I know more secrets to the class.

LL: What are your goals for the 2012-2013 year?

SL: My goals are getting kids more participated in our events that we host and having more school spirit.

LL: How will you make students come to the events?

SL: I am going to make it seem like it is a lot of fun. People do not realize how fun the events are. We put a lot of work in. I am going to use my convincing skills to make people come to the events.

Maddy Oas, 11

LL: What is your job as the future junior class president?

MO: . I make the decisions for the junior class and I advise the other juniors and council for ASB. I put them in line.

LL: What are you plans for next year?

MO: I want to create more fun activities that juniors can do. We have two years. By the time we are seniors I want to make sure everyone knows each other. I want the cool stuff to happen to the juniors. I want to have a lot of fundraisers.

LL: What are you plans for float building next year?

MO: We want to have a huge float building party. It is a good way to get each other to start of the school year right.

LL: How will you make this year better than next year?

MO: I hope to raise money and have our class to become a family. I want more people to come to pep rallies and more school spirit.

LL: How are you going to make more people come to dances?

MO: I hear there is going to be closed campus which will help bring people. At dances we are going to have more variety so a lot more people will come so it will fit all personalities.

Levi Sebahar, 12

LL: How are you going to make this year memorable for the seniors?

LS: I am going to work hard to make the dances and fun events for all seniors. I will put a lot of effort into graduation.

LL: How did campaigning with your vice president help win the election?

LS: We could work off each others energy and together it was more fun being with a friend.

LL:  Do you know who is designing the senior t shirt?

LS: The senior t-shirt will be designed by me and some advisors. Tyler Grove and Bryce Vaughn have ideas but everything will be run by me before it is decides.

LL:How will you attract more students to pep rallies, football games, dances etc?

LS: Making flyers, posters and CHSTV announcements.

LL: Why should students go to school activities?

LS: They should support their school and their friends. Students can learn a lot from activities that they did not know before. They could know if they were interested in something but they do not know until they go.

With all of the creative plans of the class presidents all students should expect a fun year filled with school spirit.