Do you think employers have the right to discriminate against tattoos?

Emilee Emamjomeh

Most people with tattoos are often judged by their appearance more so than people without tattoos. More than enough times, employers will turn down potential employees if he/she has visible tattoos. With this social standard, people are losing jobs based on their appearance rather than their skills and work ethic. As tattoos become more popular among teens, LL asked students if employers should or should not discriminate against tattoos.

Jordan Bruhn, Senior

“It depends what job it is.”

Sierra Moore, JuniorĀ 

“Yes, it is completely unprofessional.”

Gertrude Domkute, Sophomore

“No. Tattoos are a form of art and they are a way to express yourself.”

Quentin Reynoso, Freshman

“It shouldn’t matter because it’s their body.”