Missing Texas teen found in Carlsbad

Juliet Luty, assistant editor

On Dec. 27, a viral video hit YouTube. This was not your usual funny clip or tutorial; this video had a more powerful message. Ray Wilson posted the clip after his daughter, Haley, ran away from their home in Texas.

According to her father, Haley took her guitar and vanished out of her bedroom window. She also left a note telling her father how much she loved him, but not to come looking for her. Haley felt as if she had nothing going for her where she lived. Therefore, she had to get out.

Distraught over the disappearance of his 17 year-old, Ray Wilson turned to many social networks. Besides YouTube, Wilson shared information about his daughter over Twitter and Facebook and pleaded for her safe return. Within a short period of time, the video gained over 600, 000 views and information was passed on from website to website.

In the YouTube video, Wilson took a unique approach. Instead of just telling the story of how Haley went missing, he can be seen holding up a flashcard with the story written out. The emotion seen on his face is nothing less than heart breaking as he comes close to tears throughout the clip.

Due to the efforts of Ray Wilson, Haley was found on Jan. 3 in the Carlsbad area. She was stopped by a Carlsbad officer who recognized her plates as those of the missing teen from Amarillo, Texas.

Ray Wilson was then contacted by the local PD and planned to be flown out to San Diego to be reunited with his daughter. Wilson also shared a tweet which read “Big news! Carlsbad, CA PD pulled over Haley and I talked to her and am flying out to San Diego – Please RT and Repost! #FOUNDhaley.”

In the end, her father’s dedication and devotion to his daughter allowed Haley to return home safely.