“Breaking Dawn” marks a new day for the Twilight Saga

 Breaking Dawn marks a new day for the Twilight Saga

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

“Breaking Dawn,” yet another Twilight movie, made it’s debut this month. Again it made a midnight premiere, bringing it’s multitude of teenage girls, screaming at the sight of the oh-so elusive Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson).

From the standpoint of a casual movie-goer, this movie is decidedly watchable with plenty of action in between a bit of moonlit romance. In addition to well put together action sequences, the amount of blood and horror-like elements in the movie finally remind me of a vampire movie.

Viewers also got to see a dark side of the perfect Edward Cullen and also experienced some more grisly moments that left more than a few cringing.

The winsome vampires came off more like characters from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” than the merry crew they were in the past two movies.

Guys, this movie gets the go-ahead; there is enough blood to protect your manhood.

From a cinematic view, the camera angles of the movie were dynamic and did command the attention of the audience from start to finish.

However, the movie simply cannot be considered well made purely on the basis of good action, horror and camera angles alone.

The plot stayed true to the book, but the movie hit its pitfall in the poor writing and screenplay. It came off as a bit cheesy, even to those who read the books and knew what was in store for America’s favorite supernatural love triangle.

Despite these facts, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” did hold the crowd captive from start to finish, maybe against the will of the latter.

The movie certainly outperformed the other three in the series and is entertaining enough to warrant a trip to the movies. The avid Twilight fan may not be the only person who gets a kick out of “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”, which will mean even longer lines (and even more screaming girls) at the release of Part 2.