It may rain on our parade, but never our spirit

Madison Dearie, staff writer and photographer, foregin correspondent

You’ve heard the joke already I’m sure but just in case you haven’t…it literally rained on our parade today.

The homecoming parade may have been canceled due to the rain and some soggy cardboard box floats but Lancer spirit wasn’t diminished. At the homecoming assembly, the audience was buzzing with news that a celebrity was in our midst. Some thought it a prank, but, when it came time for the CHS Hall of Fame inductees, the rumors were proven true!

Former E! personality, Sal Masekela, posed for photos before the assembly started and during, he was the youngest of our inductees, having graduated in 1989. Standing alongside him was 1985 graduate Denny Newell, Senior Show Director at Disneyland; conductor and composer 1982 graduate William T. Stromberg; and the oldest of the inductees 1964 graduate Leo Pacheco.

During the assembly, Sound Express and Chamber Singers led everyone in the national anthem. Amber Nava and Natalya Phillips sang a duet to the song Superman by Five for Fighting. Lancer Dancers performed Eye of the Tiger and Hannah Allen sang Hero by Mariah Carey.

Finally, color guard and band announced the arrival of the homecoming court:

           Princess Shannon Caulfield and Prince Sam Miller

            Princess T.J Mundy and Prince Jacob Siaosi

            Princess Reina Castro and Prince Kyle Runzel

            Princess Catalina Downie and Prince Garrett Nato

            Princess Keeghan Sebahar and Prince Dominic LaPorta

And Princess Matilda Rudolph and Prince Justin Feinman.

Each couple posed for photos under a balloon archway.

As the princes and princesses sat, another adorable couple made their way down the red carpet, Maddie Smith, age 8 and Sebastian Sanders, age 6 carried the crowns.

“It was really fun…and scary,” Smith said.

Then, it being superhero day, some supervillians stole the crowns. Only to have Batman and the gang save the day and return the crowns to their rightful owners…King Sam Miller and Queen Keeghan Sebahar.

“I’d like to thank all my friends and family! I love this town!” Miller said.

Presenting them with their crowns were last years homecoming Queen and King, Lani Yamanaka and Dexter Powe.

“I am so happy to be back in Carlsbad seeing everyone I love! And I’m extremely excited for Sam and Keeghan. They’re both so sweet and deserve it,” Yamanaka said.

“As to the homecoming game, rain or shine, nothing’s keeping Lancers from beating the Pirates,” cheerleader Chloe Dolkas said.