Don’t mess up our chance to dress up: Halloween returns for spirit week

Jennier Kim, Staff Writer

From witches to pirates to Marios to the Powerpuff girls (including Professor Plutonium), Halloween Dress-Up Day on Oct. 31 couldn’t have been any more bizarre. However, these creative costumes come with new responsibilities.

About three or four years ago on this very day, administration decided to ban costumes from being worn in school simply because students were dressing inappropriately.  After many years of keeping our costumes at home, administration chose to allow this Halloween experience on campus once again.

“Every year for Homecoming week, each day of the week has a theme to dress up for,” vice principal Mr. Bloomquist said. “ASB came to us this year to try and put together a Halloween dress-up day.”

Fortunately, the costumes met the administration’s standards and ASB advisor, Tom Robertson created a printed set of guidelines to the keep this event within the school’s dress code.

“Everyone fulfilled the guidelines very well this year,” ASB treasurer Abigail Soler said. “If we keep this up, the Halloween dress-up day will continue.”

Not only were the administration impressed, but many students enjoyed the new experience they had to share this fun holiday experience with their friends and peers.

“I think it’s better that we get to dress up this year,” sophomore and black cat Vanessa Garcia said. “As long as our costumes are appropriate, everyone can have fun seeing what others wear with your friends.”

Both friends and teachers had a blast seeing all the creative ideas for costumes that were scary, unique and outright hilarious. However, to other students of CHS, being able to celebrate Halloween at school allowed them to remember old memories while creating new ones.

“It makes me feel like a kid,” junior and Neo from Matrix Jerry Cheng said. “I’m reminded of the Halloween parades we used to have in elementary school. So follow the rules!”

It seems all students enjoyed the Halloween experience that ASB has brought to our campus. As long as all students are aware of the guidelines to be followed regarding costumes, this new tradition of dressing up on Halloween is here to stay. So have a happy trick or treating!