Keeghan Sebahar: On and off duty as president

Keeghan Sebahar: On and off duty as president

Keeghan Sebahar (left) makes a speech to her peers during CHS’s first tail gate before the football game.

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

To say that Keeghan Sebahar is a very involved student would be an under statement. After taking on ASB president, AP classes and tons of extra curricular activities, Sebahar has more than enough on her plate for her senior year.

“I was so shocked, I didn’t expect to win [ASB president]. I was just there to do my best and I guess it pulled through,” senior Keeghan Sebahar said. “It’s an honor to be president and I want to make everybody at CHS proud.”

Sabahar’s plans as ASB president are to incorporate more spirited events and to get everybody involved.

“I want everybody to have a good time at CHS,”  Sebahar said. “I want the experiences that I bring to the table to be memorable.”

When out of the office, Sebahar juggles soccer and is involved in many different community service activities. Recently, she volunteered to teach blind and autistic people of all ages how to surf.

“It was honestly so eye-opening,” Sebahar said. “They have so much spirit.It was just so cool.”

Continuing her passion for helping others, Sebahar also teaches autistic people how to ride horses through the Lions Association and is currently training for a 130 mile bike ride through Montana for the Make a Wish Foundation later in 2012.

With very broad plans for her future, Sebahar is up for anything that comes her way; however, after attending a four year college, she hopes to one day join the Peace Core.

“The experience would be so amazing,” Sebahar said. “I love to travel and I love to help people so it’s a double bonus.”

With a soft spot for helping people and a strong will to succeed, Sebahar has huge plans for her future and even better expectations for CHS.

“I am really trying my best to make this year fun and I want to thank everybody that’s helped me because they have made me who I am today,” Sebahar said.