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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

    Jackie Dister, Sophomore

    Jackie Dister, Sophomore

    Jackie Dister is a sophomore playing extremely well on the girls varsity volleyball team. Even though she is an underclassman, Jackie is always excited to play and improve.

    Lancer Link: Why do you like volleyball so much?

    Jackie Dister: I like volleyball because it’s a really good mental sport. It’s all about skill and fast reactions.

    LL: How do you think volleyball will be a part of your future?

    JD: It would be nice to get a scholarship. Just even a part scholarship. I love to play it so it would be great to play in college.

    LL: Who’s the biggest competition this year?

    JD: This year I think its LCC. LCC has got some really tough outside and middle hitters.

    LL: How do you feel playing with the seniors?

    JD: At first I was a little intimidated especially at tryouts but they’re all super nice so I have a lot of fun with them and they’re all supportive.

    LL: How often do you guys practice?

    JD: We practice everyday excluding weekends from 5-7 except when we have games.

    LL: What keeps you going during gruesome practices?

    JD: I want to be there for my team and I want to get better for sure. Plus, the coaches know what they’re doing.

    LL: Does volleyball affect how well you do in school?

    JD: It’s definitely tough to get the homework done everyday but somehow I do it. It’s tough when you get home and you have like four hours of homework left, but everyone has to deal with stuff like that.

    LL: Do you have anyone you look up to that’s an athlete or any inspiration from someone?

    JD: Well, probably my coaches because they play at a very high level.

    LL: What is the most rewarding feeling when you’re on the court?

     JD: It’s definitely when were playing a really hard team and one of our defensive players gets a great dig and I put up a really nice set and then one of our hitters hits it straight down. It’s really cool.

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    Jackie Dister, Sophomore