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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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    Owen Asalone, Sophomore

    Owen Asalone, Sophomore
    Andrew DaRe

    The water polo team is unbelievable strong, with a running eight years CIF championship ring to back them up. These athletes were placed into the water at young ages and now train year round for high school season. Sophomore Owen Asalone, although younger, has held his own for his team this year as a point and third-spot.

    Lancer Link: When did you make varsity?
    Owen Asalone: I started practicing with the varsity group my freshman year and then I continued training with them this year.

    LL: How does it feel competing against seniors?
    OA: It’s really tough competing against upperclassmen because they have more experience but it’s still really fun.

    LL: What is your school schedule for training and what training to you do outside of school?
    OA: We start practice before school from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. in the weight room. Then, when school starts, only on even days, we have aquatics instead of P.E. After school, we practice from 3 to 5.

    LL: What has been your best moment in a game so far this season?
    OA: I think beating Cathedral Catholic High School 11 to 3 this last weekend at a tournament was a really big moment because they beat us last year. It was kind of like revenge.

    LL: Who is your biggest competition this year?
    OA: I think probably Vista High School and Granite Hills High School for the CIF bracket.

    LL: Do you believe your team will win CIF again this year?
    OA: My coach tells me to live in the present and not to focus on what’s gonna happen down the line. I think I like our chances against the CIF teams but I’m not gonna make any predictions.

    LL: How does crowd support effect you? Do you have a biggest fan?
    OA: The crowd support is really helpful when your playing a game. I think my biggest fans are my teammates because I feel more obligated to try harder when they encourage me.

    LL: What’s your average turn out to games?
    OA: We have a pretty decent size crowd especially during CIF games. The principle and stuff came last year and it meant a lot.

    LL: How do you juggle school and a sport?
    OA: I’d say the main thing is probably managing your time well and then you should be alright.

    LL: Do you plan to play water polo in college?
    OA: I don’t know yet. I mean I know its a big commitment but I think I probably will.

    LL: Do you have a specific college you want to go to?
    OA: Yeah, I went to a wedding the other day and a lot of the guys there had played water polo at UC Davis and I’m kind of leaning towards that school.

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    Owen Asalone, Sophomore