Carlsbad High School’s new adpot-a-freshman program

Carlsbad High Schools new adpot-a-freshman program

Scott De Taboada, Shon Cagungun, Staff Writers

Freshman class: beware of enslavement!

The new program ‘adopt a freshman’ pioneered by ASB, brings seniors and incoming freshman together in harmony, at least in theory. The idea promotes relations between upperclassmen and the new generation of students but also takes away an opportunity to learn independence.

The ‘adopt a freshman’ program pairs a senior student with an incoming freshman and allows the pairs to interact in a club. The idea is to have seniors and freshman interact with each other as a bonding experience.

Sure, the merits of the program make themselves apparent. The younger kids will gain valuable knowledge on daily life at Carlsbad High School while participating in a structured program that allows them to learn about their new school.

Let’s consider this from the viewpoint of a senior lancer, though. Many students view this as an opportunity to trample on our young friends.

For evidence, we would like to cite rumors that started before school putting freshmen students in danger of hazing. Do humiliation and hazing promote relationships between the classes? We don’t think so either.

Granted, not all seniors have wrong intentions. It just seems that, in this case, the risks might outweigh the rewards.

So, it seems this program presents us with a problem. Although it can give freshman a valuable learning experience, it also gives seniors a chance to take advantage of the younger students. This program gives seniors the opportunity to haze the incoming students.

As for the usefulness of this program as a learning experience, freshmen in the past have gotten by on their own. The time for coddling and guidance ended last year. High school should cultivate independence and self-reliance in order to prepare students for their lives ahead.

Although a novel idea, in theory, ‘adopt-a-freshman’ falls flat with us, if only for the sole purpose of letting these new lancers fly on their own.